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Welcome to We sell a range of general accessories, guitar amps, and low cost pedals. We focus on one thing - getting you the best value products for the price you pay. This means we don't stock big brands, but smaller ones with a similar quality but substantially reduced cost. Experimenting with new gear, and buying those essentials like strings and leads doesn't need to be expensive! Plus our delivery costs just 99p and orders over £30 are delivered free.


We strongly believe in giving you as much information as possible before you make a purchase. That's why we have our buying guide / blog portion of the site which has tonnes of information especially beneficial to new players. Hopefully we're more than just a shop, but a great source of useful information too.

For more information on us please see our Google+ page.

  • Dispatched From UKgreat value for UK musicians

    Delivery also available to the EU.

    great value for UK musicians
  • Free Delivery!

    Spend £10 and we'll cover your delivery charges. All other delivery costs just 99p (UK only).

    low cost delivery on guitars, pedals and accessories
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    Get a free pick with our pedals, leads, strings, amps, and straps.

    free picks!